R. L. Spear Auctions – Commercial and industrial asset disposition.


The knowledgeable staff at R.L. Spear Co., Inc is here to help you with all your business liquidation and asset disposition needs. If you are ready to turn that old stock into cold hard cash the team at R.L. Spear is ready to help you. With our deep relationships in the region we are the trusted source to buy and sell used commercial assets.

Asset Disposition Services

In the rapidly evolving business universe, change is the only constant. Strong companies should not let yesterday’s assets become tomorrow’s problems. R.L. Spear Co., Inc.’s Asset Disposition Unit lets companies free up cash from underutilized equipment and distressed inventories through strategic remarketing channels.


R.L. Spear Co., Inc. provides appraisal services for business equipment, inventories and real estate. Our ASA-trained staff can provide valuations for financing, tax evaluations, fair-market valuations, as well as buy-out and compensation-in-kind situations. We stand behind our valuations and can give expert witness testimony if needed. Contact us for a confidential consultation.